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If the New Testament documents are not to be trusted for their historicity, then the moral and doctrinal teachings found therein are more easily debatable. The closer the New Testament documents are to the historical events of the life of Jesus Christ, the more they can be trusted as being historically accurate.Once your profile is set up, you can search by age, interests, zip code, gender, or even key words.This searching ability is necessary as has more than 20 million users.These numbers are a bit overwhelming, so it is helpful to go over sites that might be most useful to Catholics.There are two basic types: General Dating Sites that have large numbers of people and those that are specifically Catholic Dating Sites.

Over roughly the last decade, online dating has gone from stigma to social norm.Three other Catholic sites — Ave Maria, Catholic and Catholic (Catholic Mingle is part of the Christian Mingle conglomerate (aka Spark Network) that operates other sites for Jewish and Mormon singles) — all have had under 500,000 visitors, according to data.According to David Nevarez of Catholic, the site has more than 200,000 active members.We married a little over a year later and have happily welcomed our first child into the world. If the stories of the New Testament are fanciful constructions by Christians of a later date, then they can be dismissed as pious frauds.

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