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A certain number of women connected to Mahaprajapati became leading teachers of the Order of Nun's.

HH Chatral Rinpoche was born in the Nyag Adzi Valley of Eastern Tibet in 1913, in the year of the Female Water Ox, on the morning of the auspicious 10th day of the fifth month, celebrated each year as the day Guru Rinpoche manifested the form of Dorje Drollo and concealed countless terma treasures, teachings and samaya substance across the length and breadth of Tibet and beyond.

She was the consort of Tulku Trimé Özer, one of the sons of the illustrious Tertön Dudjom Lingpa.

She was also one of the root gurus of Chatral Rinpoche and was reborn as his daughter, Saraswati (recognised by Karmapa Rangjung Rigpé Dorje).

A true Buddha in person and one of the most accomplished yet humble yogis, Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche remained for 103 years in this world helping beings immeasurably through his vast wisdom mind and boundless compassionate activity.

The Buddha's aunt therefore not only became the first Buddhist nun to be ordained in the Buddhist Community, but also the first head of the women's Order.

In that sense she is the founding mother of the Buddhist nun's order, just as the Buddha was the founding father of the monk's order.

Bringing them into the sphere of practice, the realization of Dzogchens great equanimity dawned in his mind.

Males constitute 59% of the population and females 41%.

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