Early dating of the new testament

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An additional point to make about the relationship between Mark and Matthew is that the connection between the two books is a written connection rather than an oral connection.In other words, the connection is not due to an account passed down by word of mouth, but rather, one book used a written copy of the other.His letters held (and hold) an authority unlike any other theological writings of the day.Hence, convincing the Priestly Elite that a specific letter was written by Paul increased its likelihood of being included in the formal and final Canon (3rd Century CE).Matthew, Mark and Luke together are called the synoptic ("same eye") gospels.This is due to the close relationship between the three, as all three tell many of the same stories, often in the same way and with the same words.Determining authorship of any historical work generally starts by looking for a claim within the work of who wrote it.

We can reasonably conclude that most if not all of the New Testament books were written before 70 AD.

Scholars also look for confirming or dis-confirming records in other sources that would list the writing in question.

For example, many of Plato's (Socrates') works were mentioned by name by his students and contemporaries.

How strange it would be to leave out something that helps prove Jesus is who he said he was. All the gospels, Acts, and Hebrews at least mention the temple but they do not say anything about its destruction.

Even if it was an argument from silence, that doesn’t mean its wrong.

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