Eve online corporation standings not updating

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For example, if you kill an NPC belonging to the angel cartel, your standings to the Angel Cartel will lower, but standings with the Minmatar Rebublic will raise. Allies of the Minmatar Republic will improve their standings, though to a lesser extent, and enemies of the Minmatar Republic may decrease their standings to you, though this will also be to a lesser extent.A more rapid change in corporate standings will occur if missions are run for a corporation.

The expansion allows both individual players and whole corporations to fight for certain NPC factions and battle for control of certain regions of space.

The margin between the price at which you buy the item and the price at which you sell the item (minus taxes and fees) is your profit. In order to maximize your profit, you have to make sure your buy orders have the highest price and your sell orders have the lowest price, both usually by a tiny margin relative to your competitors.

Compared to other professions, especially those that earn you a profit, station trading is relatively easy to get into.

These take the form of extra acceleration gate that can only be entered if a semi-expensive item is expended.

In such cases, the room usually contains a valuable bonus of some kind.

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