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” Dustin instinctively turns to look at Eduardo and sees that so has Chris." "The Fuck-Truck." she promptly replied.

(An AU based on episode three of The Pacific.) Written for the following prompt posted in the TSN_kinkmeme #10: Mark/Eduardocan be any time period, but at some point, they transition from friends to longterm boyfriends/committed dating, and that announce it over dinner.

Facebook’s world domination continues in this weekend’s dramatized version of its creation, The Social Network.

Can the tale of Mark Zuckerberg’s life work live up to all the expectations?

Will The Social Network sweep the awards season or will you want to close the book on this film as quickly as you close your browser once your friends from the Midwest get too caught up in a game of Farmville?

As a service, we answer every question you could possibly have about David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network.

What they may not know is this: While screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's in-depth research did yield a film with plenty of fact, there is also a fare share of fiction squeezed into the movie's two-hour run time, according to New York Magazine.

A: With a fast-paced—this is an Aaron Sorkin script, after all—conversation between Mark (Jesse Eisenberg) and Erica Albright(Rooney Mara). A: No, the name of his Live Journal used a shortened version of his name that rhymes with your favorite expletive. A: Mark Zuckerberg hacked into all of the individual housing units on Harvard’s campus, stole the photos, and created a “Pick the Hottest” game using the photos.

Without even trying, Zuckerberg manages to offend Erica roughly four times. But it does lead Mark to say some very unfortunate things about Erica’s bra size on his Live Journal, and then creating Facemash. Harvard was less than pleased by Mark’s creativity and he nearly got himself kicked out of school.

The Social Network is the hit movie of the year, a tale of greed, passion and betrayal. Written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher and based on Ben Mezrich's book, The Accidental Billionaires, the film turns the creation of Facebook, the revolutionary social networking site now valued in the billions, into a piece of high, urgent drama.

We see supergeek Mark Zuckerberg crashing Harvard's computer network with an attractiveness-rating website which he invents to humiliate his ex-girlfriend Erica.

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