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Long after Dull's death, this list was made available as part of his collection of unpublished papers, available online from University of Oregon.

Dull's list of Official Titles of the Han Dynasty also mainly follows Dubs.

During the 1980s and 1990s another list of proposed translation for Han dynasty titles was circulating in the University of Washington, where Jack Dull headed the Han Dynasty Project.

In the interim, Wang Yuquan (王毓銓) published An Outline of the Central Government of the Former Han Dynasty in 1949.

The next major systematising work on Han dynasty government was The Bureaucracy of Han Times written by Hans Bielenstein in 1980, drawing upon Dubs's and de Crespigny's work as its major source of translation for titles.

Does a retranslation, like a refraction, open the original to new readings?

Can translation, in light of these themes, provide new ways of learning and discovery in the classroom?

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