Trunk monkey dauaghter dating

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[Jerry's Apartment] Jerry is talking with a police detective at his door. ELAINE: It seems that a psychotic mechanic has absconded with my friend's car. ELAINE: They happened to be in the back seat at the time. Some people find apes, monkeys, and lemurs inherently amusing.Perhaps it's the fact that they mirror humanity so closely while still maintaining the visage of a wild animal, perhaps it's just easier to anthropomorphize them, or maybe people just like poop-tossing jokes?

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George has been given an assignment by Mr Wilhelm, but he hasn't a clue what it is. ELAINE: Why couldn't you take better care of that car?! When Jerry asks for his car back, Tony flees in it, taking JFK's clubs with him. JERRY: Well, I didn't count on my mechanic pulling a Mary-Beth Whitehead, did I? [Outside Auto Shop] Jerry and Elaine are outside the autoshop. The plate must sandwich between those and the frame to have a prayer of mounting properly.It looks like it was designed to try and line up with factory skid hooks but it's not even close to lining up on my 2010.

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