Who josh hartnett dating

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I almost bought a home there while I was there, because I loved it so much. The fact that so much topography is jammed into such a small area--it is like everything in the United States, basically, in a country the size of southern California. He’s really into Tamsin,’ a source told the magazine.Well, it seems Hartnett certainly has a ‘type:’ he split with his girlfriend of four months, blonde beauty Seyfried, back in April.

He was rapidly promoted to pin-up status, his unfeasibly handsome face decorating billboards and magazine covers across the globe.Then, it seemed, he rather went to ground, in Hollywood terms at least, disappearing from the limelight for long stretches.“I guess I have taken longer hiatuses than most,” he admits.“Since I started 16 years ago, I have probably worked for 10 of those years and taken six off.I wanted to keep my personal life and my personal well-being at the forefront of my ambition.” When he says this in person it sounds far less navel-gazing than it looks written down.

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