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Once the exercise is complete, matches are made between the boys and girls that indicated interest in each other.The numbered tables were cautiously arranged to allow participants to easily move around and interact with the next person and each one was given a number to be recognized by the opposite sex.And UNZAPSASS President Kalobwe Chinyata explains that the idea behind the speed dating event was to carry out an experiment.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on The reading on the detector increases when above a leak as the radiation can escape through the hole in the pipe more easily and also there will be an accumulation of the radioactive fluid in the ground around the leak.Radioisotopes used to find leaks are ones that emit gamma radiation with a short half-life.Each slide contains labelled examples of pollen and/or spores from key extant (living) northwest European flora.Much of the collection has been imaged using both traditional light microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipment.

University of Zambia’s Psychology Association (UNZAPSASS) hosted the first ever speed dating event at the university’s library basement last Friday.The Duxbury collection contains dinoflagellate cysts from rocks formed during the Cretaceous period in the Isle of Wight.The collection consists of over 100 slides of Cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts, collected by Stanley Duxbury on the Isle of Wight.The collection therefore includes a vast library of printed images for many of the genera encountered The palaeontological value of an extant collection lies in helping us to understand the prevailing environmental conditions of the last c. Pollen grains and spores are found in most sedimentary deposits and have been around since pre-Cambrian times, making them reliable dating tools.As many species require specific environmental conditions to survive, their presence in the fossil record can reveal changes in climate.

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